Jon & Christy



Belton, TX

I’ve had a passion for custom 4X4’s since I was in high school. I love rock crawling and mudding, and off-roading through the wilderness of Colorado. After high school, I served with 1st Recon Bn. and 2/1 in the United States Marine Corps. After being honorably discharged in 2008, I moved to Dallas and began pursuing higher education at the University of North Texas, where I studied military history. I have been building custom 4X4 packages since college and love helping others create their dream Jeep, truck, or 4X4 at our shop in Denton. Christy and I met in California in 2012, where she was a teacher at a private Christian school for 8 years. Christy’s father served as an officer in the Marines, so she was born in Kailua, Hawaii.  In 2013 we were married in Dana Point, CA and have a toddler and had our first boy in August 2017!

Favorite 4X4 Vehicle: 2000 Hummer H-1, TT-4 Convoy

Specifics: 4” lift on 40” Mickey Thompsons, full brush guard with eight spot lights

Funniest off-roading story: When I was in high school, I had a 2000 H-1 TT-4 Convoy Hummer and I thought it would be cool to put my snorkel to the test and try driving through a big pond with some friends. Only catch was, my tires were very bald and I was too broke to buy new ones. I lost traction and got stuck. We bailed out through the window, swam to shore, and had to have a Chevy 1500 pull us out.

Hobbies: Backpacking, Trail riding, Skiing, and never missing a Cowboys game



Operations Manager

Big Bear Lake, CA

I’ve been working on cars my whole life.  I was in the Marines from 1997-2009. I worked for Chrysler and began obtaining certs: Gold Level Chrysler.  I am an ASE Master Tech, I worked at several smaller automotive and custom shops.  I have built several custom Jeeps and a few hots rods on personal time.  I worked in a hot rod shop for a few years.  Then I worked at Lone Star 4×4 from 2014-2015.  I hung out in California, wheeling and playing in the snow 2015-2016.  And now I am back at Lone Star 4×4.

Favorite 4X4 Vehicle: ALL JEEPS

Funniest off-roading story: Having a police helicopter land and block the trail to tell me I was trespassing and them realizing they were incorrect.  They came in hard and fast, I found it amusing.

Hobbies: Being awesome



Paint Manager

Denton, TX

Specializing in: Custom Paint, Powder Coating, Exterior Sprays

As far back as I can remember I have always loved to have my hands on a car. Doing my first full hydraulic set-up when I was only 16 came very naturally to me. Since then any automotive coatings or suspension work has been my thing. Working at several custom shops over the last 10 years has given me much knowledge and experience in customizing.

Favorite 4X4 Vehicle: Rubicon

Specifics: Jacked-Up and Murdered Out

Funniest off-roading story: Too many to name only one…getting stuck and getting out is all the fun.

Hobbies: Being an active member in a car club, doing car shows, benefit shows, and picnics.




Dudley, MA

16 years of car/light duty foreign and domestic auto repair

10 years offroad, hot rod, restoration experience

ASE Certified Master Technician

ASE Certified Undercar Specialist

ASE Certified Parts Specialist

ASE Certified Service Consultant

Mopar Level 3 Certification

Lexus Senior technician

Audi Expert Technician

Favorite 4X4 Vehicle: 1984 Toyota Pickup

Funniest story about off-roading: I purchased the ’84 Toyota 4X4 that I helped a friend build since his wife wanted to turn the garage into a nursery or something.  My first time rock crawling was with Jeep guys, by the end of the trip, after all the trash talk I got, everybody had used their winch at least once…except me in that beat up old truck.  I got to trash talk the whole way home.

Hobbies: Baseball, offroading, yard work, and fine wine


Billy, Technician


Irving, TX

15+ years professional shop experience. Heavy fabrication in the last 3 years. I played with Legos, Lincoln logs and Erector sets as a kid. I’ve always had a 4×4 project.

Favorite 4X4 Vehicle: Mercedes Unimog 404 1960-1980

Funniest off-roading story: I was driving around a Nissan Frontier in the “Chaco” region in Paraguay, South America while I was out of the vehicle when the auto locks engaged and locked me out. I walked back to “Rancho Verde” days later went back and broke out window to get the truck back to civilization.

Hobbies:  Reading magazine, 4-wheeling, & always tinkering in the garage.




Ponder, TX

I went to Granbury High School, then to UTI.  I worked on a ranch for 4 years doing odds and ends.  I also worked at MC4 Construction and then worked at Freedom Diesel Performance, as a diesel tech.

Favorite 4X4 Vehicle: 2012 Dodge 2500

Funniest off-roading story: My friends and I went to the Brazos River and tried putting our boat in the river to go fishing.  We went down a hill and the trailer bottomed out, so we tried going forward toward the river and sunk the front of my 2005 F-350 that had a Duramax.  Two Fords tried to pull me out all at once, but it didn’t work until we literally dug my truck out.

Hobbies:  Calf rope/team rope and build my trucks


Dog named Austin, Greeter and Customer Relations

Greeter and Customer Relations

Irvine, California

Breed: Vizsla

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