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Let’s be honest.  A truck is a symbol of strength.

Yup, I said it.

Trucks are strong.

They are built to move heavy things, like tools and earth.  Or tow heavy things, like boats and campers and other people’s puny cars.  And it’s by no coincidence that they are named after tough things, like Broncos and Rams and Titans.

Or tough places, like Dakotas, or Tundras or Denalis.



Trucks have a purpose.  

Trucks are designed with extra clearance and off road accessories so that they can navigate terrain on which other vehicles wouldn’t stand a chance.  They are built with a factory rake and reinforced rear suspension to support transporting heavy material in the bed.


1925 Ford Model-T with Pickup Body – The first true pickup. 



Lone Star Custom Lifted ’97 F250.

 Trucks are tall.

And for a lot of reasons, we like to make them taller.  Lifting the suspension is one of the most popular customizations that truck and Jeep owners can take advantage of, and it serves both aesthetic and functional benefits.

Want your truck or Jeep to get over rocks and ruts and mud and bumps?  Lift it up.

Want your truck to look tough? Lift it up.

Summer is on its way, so now’s the best time to bulk up your ride.  Here’s Lone Star’s 5 Reasons to LIFT BIG.  



1) Increase Ground Clearance

Depending on what you use your truck or Jeep for – office or offroad – increasing ground clearance can be crucial.  Many newer trucks are built with lower components – bumpers, exhaust, steps and fenders – and increasing the clearance can serve as way to protect these parts.  Suspension lifts increase the space between the axles and the ground and optimal height will depend on desired function and factory suspension.

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2) Avoiding Body Lifts and DIY Kits

Just like at the gym – lift with your legs, not your back.  Body lifts can take your truck up from one to three inches relatively inexpensively, but there are several critical things that should be considered:

  • The frame will be visible and there will be gaps in the fender wells.
  • Hindered performance due to new center of gravity.
  • Parts – such as the gas filler tube, transfer case linkage, and brake lines – will probably be too short and need replaced.
  • Hindered steering ability and towing performance.

Body and suspension lifts can impact a lot of your truck’s components cosmetically and mechanically. A quality suspension lift installed by experts ensures both the safety and the durability of the job.



Lone Star 4×4 shop.

3) Increased Wheel and Tire Capacity

A simple advantage of lifting is to allow room for larger tires on all four corners.  Since trucks are built with a factory rake, a simple leveling kit can accommodate for a moderate tire upgrade in the front.  For larger wheels and tires, a suspension lift will allow the tires to clear the wells.



4) Improved Performance

Suspension lifts are designed to modify or specialize performance.  Depending on what you want to do, whether its rock crawling, high-speed desert racing, general four-wheeling, mud racing, or long distance open country treks, having a clear idea of what you want out of your truck will narrow down how you want it to perform.


5) And lastly….

Lifted trucks are rad.  Period.  Performance and functional benefits aside, big trucks and Jeeps are cool and look great, especially with bigger wheels and tires.  Lifting your ride is one of the baddest and most obvious customizations available, and whose head doesn’t turn at the sight of somebody buzzing down on the street on 33’ Swampers with an exhaust growling off the store windows?


2014 Lone Star Shop Truck – BDS 6” Suspension Lift with Fox 2.0 Shocks.

Want to learn more?  Check out how Lone Star 4×4 can help beef up your truck or Jeep just in time for summer.



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