The spectrum of Jeep and 4×4 accessories to choose from is nearly limitless.  The combination of function and style enables owners to add elements that enhance both the look and the driving experience of their ride.

Adding aftermarket lighting to a Jeep or truck is one of the simplest and most useful customizations that owners can make, and depending on how the vehicle is used, can be a crucial tool when needed.  But there are a lot of options for aftermarket lighting (at varying costs) and choosing the right one for your ride can be tricky.  Here’s a couple ways Lone Star 4×4 can help you Lighten Up.

Common Lighting Types

HID Lighting:

High Intensity Discharge lights have been used by pro offroaders for decades as a lower-amp, lower temperature alternative to filament bulbs.  HID lights provide the highest level of output, per watt, compared to other sources like LED’s and halogens by using an internal voltage in a gas-filled tube to create a brilliant white beam.

HID lights replace standard halogens and can be up to 300 to 400 percent more energy efficient while running on 12 to 24 volts





Light Emitting Diodes are a relatively new technology in forward-facing off road lighting option for 4×4 Jeeps.  They produce very little heat, and require very little amperage to produce a crisp white light.  LED’s are also extremely useful in multi-purpose “to be seen” applications like brake lights and tail lights.  LED’s are also very resistant to vibration and damage during wheeling.





Halogen lights use an incandescent bulb and have become the new standard for motor vehicle applications.  Though not as powerful or efficient as HID or LED’s halogen bulbs produce crisp illumination at a relatively inexpensive replacement cost.




What They Do

Driving Lights:

Basic head lamps.  Driving lights are the general, all-around lights for offroad use and provide an excellent combination of beam distance and spread.  Aftermarket driving lights serve as a great compliment to your vehicle’s OEM headlights and offer a more robust and brighter area of illumination for general driving.  Driving lights are available in halogen, LED and HID and are an easy addition to add to existing mounts.



Fog/Flood Lights

Used for low visibility/foggy conditions. Fog lamps provide a very wide beam spread with a shorter illumination distance.

custom-jeep-wrangler copy



Spotlights provide an intensely focused beam with great distance and are useful for when you need to see what’s coming a good distance ahead.  There are many hand-held spotlights available as well.

Where to Put Them:

LED Bars

LED bars are typically offered in full-width, mid-length, or square fog-lamp sized lights.  Full-width bars are typically mounted to the roof as they are generally 5 – 6 feet in length and are extremely bright.

Mid-length bars are typically mounted to bumpers and grill guards.  Mid-length bars are also extremely bright and typically cost less than the full-width bars.  The smaller, fog light-sized squares are also typically mounted to the grill guards or bull bars.  LED lights are stylish, durable, and extremely functional.




For maximum visibility, mount spotlights on the top mount.  The top mount provides excellent space between the windshield and any lights on the grill or bumper, creating a versatile field of light for any condition.


Fog Lights:

Fog lights can be mounted in a number of places.  On the lower windshield pillar, Jeep Wranglers make mounting simple by utilizing existing mounting hardware.  Both fog lights and spotlights can be mounted to the lower pillar, and be rotated to face outward for additional illumination.




Check out Lone Star 4×4’s page for custom lighting ideas, our brands, and more.

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